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  • Are we missing something?
    Weighted score if applied with circular type paper old, turn-key bid winning example
    Company G who applied eco-friendly paper mould won the bid of the first government office building in Sejong City. The company understood the recent policy trend correctly and try to find the appropriate technologies meeting such a trend. They decided to apply eco-friendly paper mould and win the bid. As a result, paper mould has grabbed lots of attention and considered as best practice of technology proposal.

    CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design)
    CPTED is now applied as design guideline for New Town in Seoul and the Administrative Complex City.
    Circular columns in underground parking lot have been recognized as a good CPTED case as it eradicates blind spots. Recently, many construction sites introduce circular columns in their underground parking lots.

    Why cylinder shaped column?
    CPTED effect on underground parking lot
    When installing CCTV in the underground parking lot, there is almost no blind spot, enhancing the satisfaction of female users and preventing the crime.

    Reduction of construction cost
    Can you believe that you can save more construction cost when you select to install round column than existing square column. Eco-friendly Paper form can make it possible.
    As a result of technological and economical review by structural experts and construction experts after the architectural design, it turns out that round column saves construction cost by more than 20% compared to existing square column, providing a sound basis for the designer’s dedication to round column.

    Energy saving
    It contributes to the reduction of energy and further the reduction of CO2 emission by significantly cutting the electricity consumption of the underground parking lot which requires all day round lighting with a better illumination.

    Better parking route
    Columns in parking area sometimes are big challenges for novice drivers or some female drivers who are not accustomed to driving. Why haven’t we ever asked a question about whether the square column for the parking lot is the only option?
    It becomes only possible with eco-friendly paper mould that puts imagination into practice. You can see the strengths of round columns in pictures.

    Enhancement of users’ satisfaction
    Crime prevention, design, easy parking, energy saving
    If you translate the hidden value of the circular column into the design, the value of the building would be raised as the satisfaction of the end user goes up. By doing so, it will find hidden values, not stereotypical discrimination, to apply them to design, improving design creativity with unique differentiation.

    Underground parking lot VE case study

    • VE case of circular column of underground parking of Construction Company L
    • Changed from square column to round column
    • Cut the construction cost by 20%, improve user’s satisfaction, enhance design

    What to do?
    Utilize many and different certifications of paper mould
    Because eco-friendly paper mould earned performance certificate (the certificate of the priority product of procurement from the government) and patent (a kind of intellectual property rights) you can earn diverse additional scores.
    Checking the related certificates would be helpful for design.

    CPTED policy applied projet
    Large projects where Crime Prevention Environmental Design (CPTED) is applied as a design guideline show even more remarkable competitiveness.  With the application of diverse technical information of eco-friendly paper formwork, you can achieve satisfactory results.

  • Civil engineering

    Installation case and analysis of subway station construction site Since subway stations are busy with many users who are moving fast in underground space, it is common to design a circular column that minimizes the area and has excellent design. Construction methods that can be installed at the same time in the same field with several pillars on one floor can maximize the economical efficiency of the site, which can be solved with eco-friendly paper form work. It is possible to process various lengths in various sizes, so eco-friendly paper form work that can install hundreds of round columns on the same day is the best alternative.

    • - Simultaneous casting of multiple cylinder column in the same floor
    • - For urban railway in metropolis, it is possible to move and construct safely with lightweight form work.

    Incheon Airport Railway Seoul Station, Incheon Soraepogu station, Busan Subway station, Bucheon Sosa station, Shinbundang district, etc.

    Installation case and analysis of highway entrance bridge

    Most of small bridges are trickier for construction.  Due to the heavy construction cost, the construction work sometimes needs to be divided into several steps, which putting additional burden on civil engineering design. Eco-friendly paper form will resolve all these worries.

    (Highway construction site between Chungju-Eumsung)

  • If eco-friendly design is a recent design trend, there are lots of aspects to worry about in eco-friendly designing of facility.

    It is not easy to find the right material so that it is not rare to adopt the most common materials.
    But why should we use PVC, a petrochemical,for a sleeve whose only role it to punch a hole?
    If you have though about it, the answer will simply be an eco-friendly paper sleeve.

    We are offering you an Eco-friendly paper sleeve, eco-friendly sleeves with economies of material cost, recycled material environment, and light weight material construction.
    You need to design a paper sleeve to ensure unique design differentiation and design quality at the same time.


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