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Tensile strength test

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Material tensile strength test of paper mould

Test specimen: the Korean Standard (KS) KS B 0801 (Test Specimen of Metal for Tensile Strength Test ) “1A test piece”

Tensile strength test: the Korean Standard (KS) KS B 0802 (Tensile Strength Test Method of Metal)

Material test result of paper mould

The following is the test result of the paper mould of 9 tensile strength test specimens whose inner diameter is 600 mm, and depth is 9 mm.

Tensile strength ranges between 5.2MPa and 8.9MPa. The average tensile strength of the seven test specimens was 1,400 N and the average tensile strength was 6.9 MPa, except for the largest value among the test results (specimen P5).

Translation of paper mould

The followings are allowable vertical tensile strength and the horizontal tensile strength at any point of the paper form.

When the mould length is 4.0m, the translation is as follow:

It shall conduct by applying maximum lateral pressure working on paper mould (standard specification of temporary construction)

Translation and result of round paper mould with 600 mm of inner diameter and 9mm of depth

Allowable vertical tensile strength is 1.6MPa; allowable horizontal tensile strength is 3.2MPa. the following table shows calculation.

Translation of finite element of paper mould

When calculating paper mould with inner diameter of 600mm and thickness of 9mm through MIDAS GEN, the result equals to 3.2 MPa, same as the result of manual calculation.

Comparison of tensile test result and translation result

Comparison of tensile test result and translation result of paper form
Compared to the translation result, horizontal strength is 2.2 times and vertical strength is 4.4 times higher on average.


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