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  • Q. Does it need separator?
    Answer : The inner surface of the paper form is made of water-resistant material that is easy to peel off. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply a separate release agent. This can be additional value of paper form.
    Q. How to install 10m columns?
    Answer :

    Q. How to treat or dispose the material after use?
    Answer : Efree form is eco-friendly paper mould and recyclable material so that you can collect papers separately after use to sell them to junk shops nearby the construction site.
    Q. What should be most cautious?
    Answer : If you use efree form without alteration, there would not be many cautions.
    You can build more secure moulds if you pay attention to moisture exposure that could happen due to shock or site condition.
    Q. How much is the installation economical?
    Answer : One of the strengths of efree form is constructability.
    Compared to other circular frames, it is easier to process and lighter and stronger so that it shortens construction period. In particular, when you need to cast multiple numbers of columns (such as underground parking lot) simultaneously, paper mould even helps you cut management cost as it can cut the construction period based on excellent constructability.
    Q. Is it used in advanced countries such as the USA or Japan?
    Answer :

    Yes, it has become popular and common to use paper mould in case of round column frame in the USA after it was introduced 40 years ago. Paper mould has been verified in advanced countries.
    Q. What are the strengths of circular column?
    Answer :

    In a closed space such as a parking lot, the round columns help to prevent crime by eliminating blind spots, provide better parking spaces by securing better parking route, and deliver aesthetic beauty. By doing so, it raises the value of the building.
    Q. Is it possible to install after incising the section completely?
    Answer :

    There are sites that require difficult construction such as semi-circle rather than full circle due to the site conditions.
    In such a case, you should process over the measuring line with a circular saw or jig to finish the section with tape in order to reinforce the lateral pressure of incision through various stiffeners, then, you can construct many type of incision.
    Q. How to install tilted column?
    Answer :

    Tensile strength of efree form secures enough lateral pressure exceeding the standard value.  You shall process efree form fitting to the angle before section taping. Then you can install the column according to the construction site condition.  In case of SRC type tilted round column, you can apply iron angle fixing which is accessories of efree plus for safer and easier installation.


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