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C&BD Center

We established our long-time dream of a research & development center where EPI's unique and characteristic development DNA is maximized in order to achieve creative imagination.

All development themes of eFree C&BD center are based on creative development. At the same time we are targeting R &BD (research & business development) rather than simple development R&D.

In order to highlight that we are rooted from creative spirit for development, we name the center C&BD, which stands for Creativity & Business Development.

The strength and unique development DNA of eFree C&BD is 'practical development that touches, experiences, creates the reality rather than imagination staying in the brain.'

To achieve this goal, we have established a separate research institute, which has been accredited by the government.  The center is equipped with the personnel, equipment, and performance capable of carrying out large-scale policy tasks. In addition, we have a system that can boldly undertake various attempts to develop. Now we are going forward to take technical competitiveness by making the best use of quick decisions and conclusions, which are the strengths of SMEs.

eFree C&BD Track Record

05. 2016
  • Technology development of paper house
10. 2015
  • Development of paper mould for special grade exposure concrete
11. 2014
  • Development of paper mould for special grade exposure concrete
11. 2013
  • Manufacturing technology development of irregular column mould
04. 2012
  • Technology development of hybrid paper mould
04. 2011
  • Manufacturing technology development of world-largest paper mould
01. 2010
  • Manufacturing technology development of Korea’s first paper mould
07. 2009
  • Technology development of production process innovation for paper mould
09. 2008
  • Technology development of world first semi-circular paper mould for SRC structure


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