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  • eFree plus, semi-circle form, it can also be used for steel frame structure, and cut the construction cost and period significantly.

    Material cost

    As it is made of recycled paper, it is economic and possible to use for different purpose, helping people satisfy more with the round form material.

    Construction period

    The biggest challenge when installing and dismantling the form is that it may lead to accidents due to heavy weight of equipment.  eFree plus can be a best possible solution to this issue as it is made of light paper.


    For the expensive steel form, it is possible to cast all at once, but the construction district shall be divided into several smaller districts for casting, which requires spending more for the equipment and labor cost.  If you use paper mould, it would not be a problem any more.

    Construction cost

    lt is possible to be carried by worker because of light weight and save the cost of auxiliary equipment, helping customers satisfy with the lower construction cost.

    Constructability FREE

    • Installation FREE

      If you use a band that help on-site installation, you can simply tighten it with a bolt to make installation more convenient (possible to lend band and auxiliary materials)

    • Movement FREE

      You do not need to use heavy equipment of crane or put workers at risk in order to use heavy form. There is "eFree plus" that operators can install safely and conveniently

    • Processing FREE

      Even when the difficulty of the construction such as beam connection is expected, paper form can be applied readily with the help of reinforcement.  No more construction site requiring complexities and difficult techniques! “eFree plus” will be a quick and easy solution.


    It is easy to transport and process on site and made of economic material of paper. In addition, it still is possible to recycle again. Therefore, customers are surprised to see its economic feasibility. It is “eFree plus” that can be used for different purpose as well.

    Environmental Friendliness

    It is an eco-friendly material made of recycled paper.  In the case of exposed columns, general steel form leaves a cross joint, which required special attention to control the quality after construction. However, with a paper form work with freely adjustable length within 6m range, it only leaves two vertical lines on both ends, improving the quality further.  The quality could be better if coating film is applied to special grade exposure column.

  • It is impossible to insert mould into steel frame structure after its major structure has been built.

    For this case, you need to have a technique to erect it at both sides.  So far, steel form was the only option to install steel framed circular shape column. With the invention of semicircular, it becomes much easier and economic.

    Installation example: New construction of Busan Lotte World, Yongsan Gu administrative district, SK chemical HQ

    Cylinder type mould of subway station

    Given that it digs down to tens of meters underground, subway station construction would add additional safety concerns as it brings down heavy steel form to underground.  Semicircular paper form that is light and easy to process will reduce the work difficulty significantly.

    Installation example: Incheon Soraepogu station, East Busan station, new construction site of Toegyewon station

    Cylinder type mould of simultaneous casting of top-down technique

    It is impossible to use certain types of equipment including crane after completing the slab mould. Therefore it is not easy to move materials around on site at this stage. Top-down technique applied site is one of the best places where eFree plus shows its strengths of easier movement and assembly/disassembly.  At the same time, many customers appreciated the constructability and economic efficiency of eFree plus.

    Installation example: Incheon airport rail seoul station construction site, Pangyo Ace Techno town construction site, etc.

    Cylinder type mould for bridge

    For construction sites such as highway, high speed rail or light rail transit (LRT) where tens or hundreds of bridges arrange, it requires high construction cost as it needs to build temporary road for expensive constructional equipment to move around. It must consider an alternative that cuts the cost and the construction period. As an alternative solution, semi-circular paper mould is getting lots of attention.

    Installation example : Highway construction site between Choongju-Eumsung, and between Jeonju-Namwon, etc.

    Mould for manufacturing of water collecting well

    For construction sites such as highway, high speed rail or light rail transit (LRT) where tens or hundreds of bridges arrange, it requires high construction cost as it needs to build temporary road for expensive constructional equipment to move around. It must consider an alternative that cuts the cost and the construction period. As an alternative solution, semi-circular paper mould is getting lots of attention.

    Installation example: Daejeon Jugong apartment construction site, etc.

    eFree plus, Semicircular column for interior work

    It is not easy to find light and processed frame in semi circular shape. Semicircular paper form of eFree plus has become popular as material for architecture, civil engineering and interior work by expert designers.

    Exemple de construction: Yongsan war memorial museum interior construction, etc.

  • Inner diameter(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
    250 258 4 3,000
    customized production possible
    300 310 5
    350 360 5
    400 414 7
    450 464 7
    500 516 8
    550 566 8
    600 618 9
    650 668 9
    700 720 10
    750 770 10
    800 821 10.5
    850 871 10.5
    900 921 10.5
    950 971 10.5
    1000 1022 11
    1050 1072 11
    1100 1122 11
    1200 1222 11
    1300 1322 11
    1400 1422 11 (high-strength) 3,000
    customized production possible
    1500 1522
    1600 1622
    1800 1822
    2000 2022
    2200 2222
  • Installation method

    Finding location and site delivery

    Establishing the mould
    • Set the inner diameter of semicircle to north–south
    • direction while setting the outer diameter to east-west direction

    Locating the bottom
    • Use designated iron angle or tin band circumference square bar.

    Band fixing
    • Fix it at pre-defined interval with exclusive band.  Insert flat iron between bolt and nut and reinforce the band width with square bar (tin band, flat iron, bolt, nut, square bar work)

    Vertical alignment
    • Install the upside down iron angle at upper 1/3 point of column to create a corbel to hang the support.  It is possible to align verticality by placing the support at the point.

    • eFree plus is easy to process according to the construction site condition.  If there are some discrepancies in the site, it is convenient to process as follows.
      • ① Mark the area to be processed with measuring line, or marker.
      • ② Process the are along the marked line with round saw or grinder.
      • ③ Reinforce the exposed section with designated tape.

    Beam joint

    Install the beam with tin ban to its bottom, and fix the joint area with square bar or welding at the end of iron wire.  In addition, you can make the best use of paper form as it is easy to process into the steel shape.

    Super wide column
    • In case of column, accumulate 3 layers of 6m eFree plus. After casting 6m at the bottom, connect pulley to mould to escalate it to have consecutive casting.
    • When connecting to a pulley, make a hole in a form or fix it with square bar before tying it with small wire.  Then, it is possible to join.
    • When punching a hole, it shall be created in a safe place given the weight of the form. If a hole is reinforced with tape, it can have better waterproof and safety.

    Tilted column
    • Tilted column shall be fixed with iron angle, not by tin band.
    • During casting, it shall use external vibration not by the vibrator.
    • If it is tilted excessively, please reinforce the side part with the support.

    • Dismantle the installed tin band to bolts and nuts by using the tools.
    • You can open the end and dismantle it with hand.
    • It can be reused if there is no abnormality on both in and outside.

    • Convex part of square bar shall face upward in order not to have a contact with the floor.
    • It would be better to cover them with cloth to avoid damage caused by other materials’ movement on site.

    It is better to know
    • Use fiber band when fixing inner form.  The first option to fix the inner form is fiber band for cargo holding largely used by cargo truck.  It pulls easily and adjusts the intervals.
    • It is convenient to tape around joint area of inner form.  It plays a small but important role to fit the inner form correctly.  It is useful to shape a correct circle with attaching the available tape at constant interval according to the site condition.
    • It is helpful to lay tin sheet on the bottom for usage change.  Damage prevention of section area is directly linked to the numbers of usage change. In case of bottom, it is expected to damage the section area if the floor has a direct contact with rough concrete surface and to be shaken left to right.  Therefore, it is more economical if thin tin is laid on the bottom for protection.


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