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As EPI has built history of enthusiasm and efforts, it has grown into one of the largest and best paper mould manufacturer with the support of customers and partner companies.

Now, we are dedicated to create new values on the foundation that has been established thanks to those who have supported us.

We will expand EPI’s unique conversion FLOW that is developed to a creative value while consolidating our Triple Win system, which allows users, developers, and investors all win by adding the value of customer satisfaction and pleasure on top of our creative ability that has been proven through our paper mould products.

We sincerely ask you to continuously support and encourage us as we keep challenging ourselves based on strong will of “let’s try”, enthusiastic confidence of “it turns out working”, and continuous challenge of “ you never know until you’ve tried” to show you better products.

  • EPI Limited CEO
  • Joe, Jeong-hoon President.
  • EPI Limited CEO


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