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"Cylinder type column useful to CPTED"

Why cylinder type column?

UP the building value! The circular columns are beautiful in design and clearly show differentiation from ordinary buildings.

The round columns help to prevent crime by eliminating blind spots and enhance the value of the building. 
At the same time, it maximizes users’ satisfaction by securing better parking route.

SAVE the construction cost!
Circular columns lower the construction cost and the burden of the owner by shortening the construction time compared to square columns.

SAVE the Energy!
The open view of the circular columns reduces the required electricity consumption in the underground space, contributing to the reduction of the maintenance cost of the building.

What is the trend of developed countries?
  • Dubai : Most of columns of buildings including landmark architecture is round.
  • New York : Round type columns have commonly witnessed not only in general building but also in parking space.
  • London : it is more natural to have round column, which helps prevent crimes.
Dubai office building
"completed aesthetically designed round columns"
Dubai business bay
"a foreign business complex applying lots of round type columns"

Dubai Burj Khalifa
"allest building in the world, all of major columns are round"
New York Hyatt hotel parking lot
"apply only round type columns"

New York downtown parking lot
"applying round type columns for better space use"

What about Korea?
Dogok Dong high-rise building underground parking lot
high-end housing complexes apply round columns to the underground parking lots.
Large-scale apartment complex
The satisfaction of the tenants are very high as the round column is better to secure parking traffic route.

Paper mould EFFECT!
Eco-friendly architecture :
with the low-carbon policy, there is a growing demand of requirement of green building.  Against this backdrop, paper mould can be a good starting point to realize eco-friendly construction.
Escalation of building value :
As the circular columns have more design values, easier parking, and energy savings, it contributes more to building value than buildings with regular square posts.
Reduction of construction cost :
Eco-friendly paper form cuts construction cost, which is one of the most important factors of construction, with excellent performance, and eco-friendliness.


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